“Ce que mon coeur me dit…” is French and translates to “What my heart tells me…”

I believe that we live for a purpose, that we live for love and that we live for that someone we could die for; we would die for. But the most beautiful kind of love is the one that emanates from your heart and soul to the ones in need, the ones that are hurt, the ones that hunger. Share your love and love with commitment, as love can be so powerful... (:

La mesure de l'amour c'est d'aimer sans mesure. -
"The measurement of love is to love without measurement/ limit."

All my heart,



You mus(n’)t give your heart to a wild thing, Miss Whoever-you-are.

You mus(n’)t give your heart to a wild thing, Miss Whoever-you-are.

I think

My New Year’s resolution is quite simple: “Let faith be greater than all your fears.”

Instant dose of happiness. <3 

Instant dose of happiness. <3 

What is this? All of these worries within this heart of mine. I’ve been feeling so worried all day long. Worried about work, blockages to my creativity, boundaries to the implementation of my ideas in order to reach my goals, worried about the happiness of people that depend on me and I’m worried about health.
I feel the worries pounding in my heart; at my heart. I think I feel a little frightened of all of the challenges I must face now and until the rest of this month… I need to shake myself and tell myself: “Nina, stop right now and remember the person you have been raised to become or have learned to become: hardworking no matter in what situation, independent and loyal to the Lord.” 

I broke down before without the guidance of the Lord. So I won’t be frightened now, I won’t give up. If I were to give up, I would give up on the Lord. I must trust in the Lord. This isn’t my life, this is his.  <3 

Refueling my inner self with “Jesus, lover of my soul” before closing my eyes to the night.
Tomorrow, I’ll be stronger. 

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